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Overall, the risk of harm from trees is remarkably small. However, tree failures do still occur - and where such failures could have been reasonably predicted, the tree owner may find themselves liable for any harm or damage caused.

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Tree owners and those who manage their trees for them have a duty of care. This duty is to take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions that cause a reasonably foreseeable risk of injury to persons or property. In defending themselves following an incident of harm caused by their trees, the weakest position for a tree owner to be in is to have no documented and implemented plan for the management of risk from their trees.

We are qualified to deliver tree risk assessment surveys in various formats, including among others the QTRA system (Quantified Tree risk Assessment). We can advise on the appropriate survey format to suit your requirements and preferences.

Our approach is to use our extensive knowledge and experience of tree risk management to avoid recommendations that are unduly cautious or unnecessarily costly. The cost of risk management should be proportionate to the actual risk, and where both trees and financial cost can be spared that is our preference.

Typically, tree risk management involves the following elements:

  • An assessment of the whole site, to identify areas of generally higher or lower risk - primarily according to site usage and occupancy levels. On some sites, this assessment may establish that the whole site is very low risk (perhaps very rarely visited) and that a tree inspection regime is therefore unnecessary. At others, an inspection regime at defined time intervals and intensity will be advised.
  • A planned and documented inspection regime involving surveying at defined time intervals and intensity to identify trees presenting significant risk. Survey intensity may vary in different situations - from individually documented detailed inspections of each tree, to less time-intensive walk-through surveys in which only the significant risks are recorded.
  • The tree survey may result in recommendations for any necessary tree safety work, and for subsequent inspection intervals.
  • Our clients are left secure in the knowledge that they have taken qualified expert advice on the safety of their trees, and have therefore done all they can to deal with any foreseeable risk of harm.
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We provide tree safety surveys, tree inspections and tree risk assessments. Based in Sheffield and Peak District, most of our work is in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Staffordshire. However, distance is not a barrier, and we will happily provide a quotation for work anywhere in the UK